Director of Operations – Burger King – Burger King – Cody, WY

December 8th, 2017

The Director of Operations (DO) is responsible for the operations of a company owned market comprised of ten (10) to thirty five (35) restaurants. Above all, their key role is to monitor and improve customer satisfaction and profitability through efficient operations, living and exampling the company mission and values, and to protect the health of customers through food safety and sanitation. The Director of Operations overall focus is to:

  • Increase average unit volume (AUV) of sales and control costs
  • Drive operations excellence These are listed and defined as follows:

Ethics/Integrity – Applies uncompromising ethical standards to all aspects of the business, both personally and in guiding others.

Valuing Diversity – Respects and understands individual differences in people, guiding actions and decisions accordingly.

Business Orientation/Customer Focus – Aligns own behavior and decisions with the needs and goals of BKC. Understands and interprets organization results and uses them to guide actions. Works to help customers “Have it their way” by focusing on meeting and exceeding their needs without compromising BKC’s position or standards.

Technical/Specialized Knowledge – Demonstrates the capacity to apply technical/professional knowledge and distributes that knowledge to others.

Innovation/Flexibility – Adapts to changes in the environment, both business and personal. Develops creative ideas or approaches to address a situation or issue. Takes measured risks and encourages others to be open to new ideas.

Self-Improvement – Actively develops own skills and creates opportunities for personal learning and development.

Tactical Planning/Execution – Develops plans to accomplish BKC goals and objectives; executes plans using necessary resources.

Results Orientation/Decision Making – Takes accountability and demonstrates drive in delivering superior results. Displays clear purpose, enthusiasm, and commitment to deliver both short and long term business goals. Confronts issues/problems with directed and focused actions in a timely and reasoned manner.

Coaching/Training – Improves others’ performance by providing opportunities for continuous learning and development and empowering others to take advantage of these opportunities.

Managing/Resolving Conflict – Brings conflict out into the open and attempts to resolve collaboratively. Works toward win/win solutions whenever possible.

Communication – Listens, speaks, and writes effectively in a variety of circumstances, sharing information and ideas with others.

Foster Teamwork – Creates an environment allowing people to work cooperatively; actively participates in the team.

Influence/Advocacy – Persuades, influences or gains the support of others and causes them to take action.

Challenge – Strives to challenge self and others at every junction. Comfortable in a culture, which demands that one, thinks on his/her feet. Takes responsibility for ensuring that others have thought through their actions.

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